2019 Class, Workshop & Intensive Schedule

This is the list of currently available classes at Wind n Wood. If you are interested in any of the offerings, join the mailing list on this page, or send an email to friday@windnwood.com.

All registrations are by-invitation-only, and these invitations are sent out to the private mailing list, so please sign up to receive your invites.  (We do not share your personal info!)

Classes & Courses are one to five hours long are between $5 and $50
Workshops are all day, include a meal and snacks and range from $50 to $120
Intensives are two or more days, include free camping, one meal a day and perpetual light snacks, cost between $120 and $250.

All materials are provided for every project.

  • Paper Making
  • Organic, Natural Lotion and Cream making
  • Real Soap Making (castile with only olive oil and both liquid and hard soap types with vegetable oils and butters – hot process and cold process – not melt & pour!)
  • Making Lip Balm
  • Healing Ointments, Unguents & Tinctures
  • Creating and Pruning Bonsai
  • Making Hand Rolled Stick and Powdered Incense
  • Working with Essential Oils, absolutes, attar, etc.
  • Herbs (growing, harvesting, preserving, storing and using herbs)
  • Papercrete
  • How to make proper; maceration, infusions, extracts, syrups and much more
  • Hypertuffa Pots & Landscaping
  • Herbal home business startup tips (profit & loss, calculating prices, packaging, distribution)
  • Face Masks for beauty and medicine
  • Skin Care Insights
  • Fabric Dyeing (silk and cotton with acid dyes and Procion respectively) & Tye Dyeing
  • Insulated fire rings that won’t burn out made with native rock
  • Broom making
  • Bath bombs (With hot tub safe options!)
  • Yogurt & Kefir
  • Brewing Beer
  • Make a mud oven
  • Bread! Full Gluten, delicious bread!
  • Gluten Free Baking that doesn’t break the bank.
  • Crafting with Lightening Struck Oak (Walking sticks, rustic bowls, jewelry display racks, pendants, etc.)