New Batches of Products

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What is Wind n Wood?

Wind n Wood is a sanctuary, teaching garden, orchard, seasonal nursery, gift shop, truck-patch farm, and our home.  It is a place to heal the earth and the self, and extend that healing into the community and world.

How it Began:

Short story… Two broken people found ten broken acres by throwing a dart at a map.  These two co-conspirators decided to try to fix themselves while fixing the land.  For the full story, well you’d have to come and sit around the campfire for that one.

Fixing the Land:

Through back-breaking work and cutting-edge techniques, we have recovered an environmentally damaged property. Our success has motivated us to develop the property into a teaching garden to help future generations. Abandoned and damaged spaces can be recovered and made into valuable assets to the community!

Our first task was to reduce the phosphorous content of the soil due to intensive hog farming, and the zinc levels that were high due to over 10,000 square feet of galvanized roofing left on the abandoned property. Other challenges were spilled containers of antibiotics and anti-freeze!

Physically removing the contaminants was not enough, and we turned to recent developments in mycoremediation (fungi) and phytoremediation (plants) to help remedy the soil. What we had been told would take a decade and almost $100,000, took just a few years and quite a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. EPA violations were lifted after just the first year, and soil tests are coming back clean from independent labs only five years later.

Taking this a step further, we are building the soil using organic farming techniques along with permaculture, and we are attempting to build living spaces with the trash (treasure?) left on the abandoned property.

What About Those Two Owners?

Friday Gladheart works as a web designer and host for several local and global businesses, and Robert Jensen works as a carpenter and landscaper, doing odd jobs in the community. He is also the weekend chef at Mountain Harbor Resort.

When the weather is poor, we spend our time making products such as soap, lip balm, and natural Arkansas pine incense.

You can see some of our products by selecting that area from the menu above.

Projects for 2018-2019 are:

  • Completion of the main living cabin (out of recycled hog barn).
  • Installation of the 25-foot greenhouse on the previous hog barn slab.
  • Utilizing the huge Lightening Struck oak tree for gifts, walking sticks and more!

The overall plan for the property is an integrated orchard (with fruit trees set aside as “food bank” contributors) and an extensive herb garden (from which we make products and extract essential oils).

Thank you for stopping by!

As of July 2018, we are no longer accepting camping for those interning or apprenticing at Wind n Wood, or while attending weekend teaching intensives.  We invite you to browse around the site and value your input.  Feel free to send an email any time to friday@windnwood.com or bob@windnwood.com.